Helpful Tips

We are adding these tips as we become aware of them.  If you have a tip for us, please feel free to share and we will post for our quilting buddies.  Send tip to


*Always measure twice and cut once

*When I am not working on my project with my embroidery hoop, I remove the project from the hoop so that it won't stretch or leave a hard to remove "ring" around your project.

*Working with crayon designs.  When heat setting your colored designs, I always use clean paper towels.  Place folded towel over your project before "heat" setting the project.  This helps to prevent any residue build-up on your iron. Make sure that you also have paper towels or an old cloth under your project so that oils from the crayons won't penetrate into your ironing board cover.

*Need to clean your iron.  I run my iron back and forth a few times on a clean laundry dryer sheet.  Not only does it clean my iron, it leaves a wonderful smell in your sewing room.  It's like an instant room freshner that lasts for several plug-ins.

*Wool - need to tear your wool?  Always snip and tear outside.  It prevents wool dust from getting on everything in your sewing room...and it helps us breathe a little easier, as well.  If you must tear wool inside...get the vacuum cleaner immediately.  Otherwise, the wool dust gets on everything in the room.