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Welcome to Two Sisters Quilting!

We hope you will enjoy your visit, and return often to check out our newest products and services.

My story…after almost three long years of wanting to join the world of quilters, with the support of family, prayer, and so many wonderful friends, I finally decided it was time to take control of my destiny and jump in. 

While visiting my sister in the Georgia mountains, she pulled out a box of scraps.  Yes, we  have all encountered those little pieces of fabric and wondered what in the world do you do with them. Well, with just a little imagination, and time, we finished our first beautiful scrap quilts, and we’ve never looked back.  We love the fabrics, the networking with women quilters, so many generations, and all so willing to share their passion and talent with the newest quilter. If you have not already ventured into this wonderful world of quilting we want to encourage you to get started today! 

As we continue to grow, we will keep our site updated with the newest lines and products for you. We hope you will share in our excitement as we look forward to servicing your quilting needs.

Your quilting friend,